Preparing to start work… 

IMG_0341I will start my first job in just over two weeks so I thought I would run though the things I am doing to prepare myself.

1- Getting organised! I am a list person, I cannot actually function without always having a to-do list by my side. So the first thing I have done is written everything I need to get done down. There will be so much, from pre-employment checks to completing online e-leaning courses. If you start a few weeks early then you can get these things done steadily rather than rushing (that’s what I tried to convince myself anyway). Along with a list I have also recently upgraded my diary to a more official ‘filofax’ system so have been trying to get myself sorted with that before work starts.

IMG_03402- Revision. Not sure about anyone else but it has been 4 months since my finals and I feel like most of the information has already fallen out of my head! I decided that a bit of revision over the next few weeks will help me to remember the bits I may have forgotten and give me a bit more confidence when I actually start work. I have decided to split my revision into two sections: 1-specifically Respiratory pathology as this is my first job, 2- general information important for FY1s (things like fluid prescribing, death certificates, dealing with acutely unwell patients etc.)

3- Physical preparation. My first day will start at 7.30am!! As I have spent the last 4 months sleeping in until 10am I figured the first thing I need to do is get back to waking up early! I have decided to set my alarm slightly earlier each morning (by 15 minutes or so) and hopefully in two weeks time waking up at crazy early times will not be too much of a shock.

I have also recently joined a gym… I figured start as you mean to go on…

Lets hope these small changes might make my first few weeks of being a doctor slightly easier to manage.


Author: doctorhannahsblog

I am a 23 year old newly qualified Doctor about to start working in Leeds.

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