Going to Medical School….

If you are reading this chances are you have just been accepted into Medical School, if so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

This is such an exciting time for you; all the hard work, stress (and probably tears) have been worth it and you have achieved something amazing!

Take this time to really be excited about the years to come, don’t be afraid to feel proud of yourself.

During the next few weeks make sure to relax, you won’t get too much chance once you start. Visit school friends before you all leave for University because once you start it becomes increasingly hard to catch up. I found most of my exams were timetabled for just after a holiday so I would go into a revision bubble making keeping it touch really difficult (but don’t worry about that just yet) for now make the most of your freedom!

Get yourself onto the medical school freshers Facebook group (there will be one I promise). I can also guarantee there will be at least one person on there that claims to already be revising for the first exam, DO NOT listen to them. They are probably lying and even if they are working 1) its pointless as until lectures start you have no idea what to revise and 2) they are sad and boring and weird.

Soon you should be getting a big ‘freshers pack’ through the letter box. Get everything out and have a read about all the exciting activities you can do at University (there is more to life than medicine). Make sure to sign up to at least one extracurricular event during the freshers week, even if its something completely random you have never tried before, it might just become your lifeline during the crazy 5-6 years ahead. I joined the Ultimate Frisbee team and found it to be one of the best decisions of my University Career (even as a person who has never done/ been any good at sports before starting).

In the freshers pack you will probably get a list of ‘required’ textbooks. Do not get any until you arrive at Medical School and talk to the older years. If you buy everything on the list you won’t have any student loan left to live on! Just wait, you won’t miss a textbook for a week or two. I actually found I used the internet for most of my revision and very rarely opened a proper traditional textbook.

If your University does a ‘Freshers Week’ I would suggest getting a wrist band and joining in with all the activities. In my halls I was the only medic in the building and that meant everyone else was making the most of Freshers as they didn’t have lectures to get up for. I am really glad I spent time going out with them during the first few weeks (even though I did have to get up for 9am lectures…) the first few weeks of medical school were recaps from A-levels anyway…. (I tell myself thankful nothing from those lectures ever came up in exams).

One thing I was surprised about was other non-medics reactions when they found out I was a medic. Most were completely normal, non-weird people about it however there were a few occasions when people (who clearly were just upset they hadn’t been accepted to Medical School) would quiz me about my exam grades and my UKCAT and my extra curricular activities and try and pick holes in my application. If this happens to you don’t play up to it just leave the situation. They are just upset with the system, not at you, and they aren’t worth your time. Go find happy people to spend your time with instead ๐Ÿ™‚

This is such an exciting time for you! I am feeling all emotional just writing this and my acceptance to medical school was in 2012!!!

Good luck, enjoy and if you have any questions or want any advice about starting medical school leave a questions in the comments and I will do my best to help you ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. H xx




My name is Hannah and I am a 23-year-old (nearly) Junior Doctor. I am about to graduate from Medical School and start the next chapter of my life living with my boyfriend in Leeds.

My passions include traveling, being outdoors and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I have decided to start a blog about being a new doctor, maybe with a few travel/ general life stories thrown in.

I have always enjoyed writing as I find it a good way to relax and shut my brain up (often the only way I can get to sleep at night is first by writing down my thoughts of the day) so I figured, why not publish it?

This is my first time trying to write a blog so it may be terrible… I am sorry in advance…

Anyway thatโ€™s me. If you are reading this Hello! Welcome! I hope you enjoy xx