Moving into my first “adult” home…

New keys for our lovely new flat
Cute cards from parents wishing us luck in the new flat.

My mum loves to remind me of a time when I was 3 years old. Apparently I promised her that even when I am grown and married I would still live with her and Daddy. Recently I broke that promise and moved into my first official ‘adult house’ with my Boyfriend.

Moving out of the childhood home can be daunting to say the least. I suppose I unofficially moved out when I went to University 5 years ago but going back home for the months of holidays you enjoy as a student just isn’t quite the same as officially leaving.

It is a strange feeling that last morning being at your parent’s home before the big move. I felt rather conflicted an odd mix of excitement about moving in with my boyfriend and sadness that I would no longer be living in my childhood home.


What no one tells you is how expensive moving into a new home is! It’s the little things that all seem to add up. We went to buy plates and cutlery the other day at Ikea and managed to spend over £100!! I’m not sure what on…. We went for our first food shop (at ALDI) and still managed to spend £80, when we got home and put everything away it still felt like there was nothing in the house!!! This has been especially difficult as we have both just finished Medical School and neither of us have ever had a proper job (or proper savings!)…. We are both lucky enough to be able to rely on The Bank of Mum and Dad for the next few months but that first pay check cannot come soon enough!


For now we have finally got the keys to the flat and the next few days are about sorting out where we want all of our belongings to go and making it truly ours…. I cannot wait!