First Day Nerves…

So I start work as a Doctor in less than 48 hours! That is a terrifying thought…. I think I’ve ¬†been coping with the nerves rather well for the past few weeks but last night it finally hit me and sleep was almost impossible!


I have been trying to occupy myself with other tasks to try and take my mind off the imminent start of work (yesterday I had a lovely afternoon tea with my Mum) but it doesn’t seem to be working as once it’s night time I can’t turn off my brain!

I know once I actually start I will be alright, I wouldn’t have made it through medical school if I couldn’t manage on my first day of work, but the not knowing what to expect is really scary.

As distraction doesn’t seem to work I guess I should take advantage of my willingness to work and get some pre-reading done so at least I can pretend I am prepared for work.

Any thoughts on what are the key things for an FY1? Anything specific to a Resp job that would be useful to revise before starting?